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    Nieuport 17 for MSFS
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Some Flying Fun

But that's not a radial?

The Big Radials Era

*Yes we know that there are some examples of super complicated flight computers, guidance systems and autopilots from that era, however they were not common place and only existed on certain aircraft.

Fly Authentikit

Some Authentic Kit

As a first for any aircraft in flight simulation, our P-40B Tomahawk will come with free STL files for a set of flight controls which are an exact replica of the controls in the aircraft. Using these files you can 3D print working replica flight controls compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator and other popular flight sims.

The developer of the files, AuthentiKit, used source files provided by us, Big Radials, to ensure they are a perfect match to our version of the Tomahawk. Inside the download you'll find a PDF and an example STL to preview the final build.

Plenty More To Come

The P-40B Tomahawk is just the first of many aircraft we hope to bring you over the next few years. In fact our next aircraft is a very well know radial aircraft and perhaps one of the best beloved of all time.

We hope you join us in our journey as we discover more about our world and our hobby through this fantastic new sim.

With a little help from our friends

The Flight Simulation community is incredible and we would like to thank you all for making such an amazing hobby a little more awesome. In particular though we would like to thank the following outstanding folks:


Thank you for creating a wonderful developer space to share knowlege and ideas on developing for this new simulator.

Please go and checkout their INCREDIBLE vintage aircraft that really raises the bar for quality in all aspects.


IRIS Simulations

One of the first aircraft I bought for FSX was the IRIS Battlefield Airlifter and I enjoyed many many hours flying this modern replacement of the Caribou.

I have since had the pleasure of meeting DLB from IRIS whose encouragement and support of my development journey has been very much appreciated.

IRIS Simulations

DC Designs

Without encouragement from DC Designs, Big Radials would not be a reality. What can I say but thank you for your humour, confidence and encouragement.

Like anyone who has watched Top Gun we are really looking forward to the upcoming F-14 for MSFS.

DC Designs Aircraft

FlyingIron Simulations

Another awesome Australian flight sim developer who beat us to first Warbird for MSFS by landing the Spitfire before we launched. BRAVO Team!

Thanks for the chats.

FlyingIron Simulations