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Big Radials P-40B Tomahawk

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The P-40 was one of the critical aircraft during the early years of World War II. Developed in America and used by Russian, Australian, English and American pilots in all of the theatres of war.

I am so incredibly proud of our team and the hard work and long hours. We really hope you have fun flying our plane and we look forward to bringing you many more in the future.



  • Full native flight model, 3D assets, sounds, 4K textures, PBR, everything!
    Hmm yea that’s pretty standard these days isn’t it?

  • Designed for Casual and “Serious” simmers alike. Jump in and #FlyTheDamn plane or take the time to #ReadTheDamnManual and use the Gear and Flaps LIKE A BOSS!

  • 5 * Historic 4K Liveries (well I guess that’s the default size now isn’t it so why do we say it like, oh hey, here’s something you didn’t expect!)

  • 1 * Special Tribute livery #BecauseYoureWorthIt

  • 7 Hour Bushtrip of the Historic NorthWest Staging Route

  • Eternal gratitude from a team that has worked hard and knows there’s more to do but reckon you might enjoy what we’ve done so far.

Hmm yea I think that's all... OH WAIT!!

  • How about a 3D print sample of accurate P-40 Throttle quadrant you can print and make YOURSELF? for FREE!!! Thanks to AuthentiKit, you can "Make it so."

Besides, if you don't print them... you can't really #FlyTheDamnPlane can you?